Welcome to Venice : The Top Experiences

Venice which is also called the Floating City or the Queen Of The Adriatic is a city located in the northeastern part of Italy, and this city is one which leaves everyone guessing until they finally decide to visit this amazing Island-type city, most people ask if this amazing city is floating on the water but it is a must-know fact that Venice is a city cited on a group of islands, it is also important to know that the experience is second to none as these islands are linked by bridges, what’s more awesome than this?

This city is perfect for everyone, and you’ll definitely enjoy it if you’re on a vacation or a short business trip, but there are top experiences for people who visit Venice, and these are the things that make Venice special for everyone who visits, planning to visit this beautiful city? welcome to Venice.

Welcome To Venice : The Top Experiences

The Weather In Venice

The Weather in Venice is the same as all the other cities in Europe, there are warm months and cold months so get prepared for the warm days if you’re visiting in summer, and also get ready for the cold days if you’re visiting in winter.

The Food In Venice Italians are known to have a taste for quality as they’re known worldwide for the invention of tasty meals such as Pizza & Lasagne, you didn’t know this? well, now you do, so here are a few foods you should try on your visit to Venice.
• Risotto al Nero di Seppia – Risotto with cuttlefish ink
• Sarde in Saor – Sardines in Saor
• Risi e Bisi – Rice and peas
• Baccala Mantecato – creamed cod
• Bigoli in salsa

Top Experiences In Venice – Places & Things

1. A Gondola Ride
Not going on a Gondola ride in Venice is like not seeing the Eiffel tower on your visit to Paris, a Gondola ride is the signature ride of Venice, and going on a ride in this boat is considered a must for everyone who travels to Venice, this ride can be normal or you can decide to enjoy it some more with the singing service provided. 

2. The Doges’ Palace
The Doges’ palace is a must-visit place for everyone as it is a museum that used to be the palace of the Doge, this museum offers a lot about the history of Venice, and it also provides the best view of Venice.

3. St. Mark’s Square
St Mark’s Square can be said to be the heart of Venice as it is the most common place in the floating city, pigeons are the main source of attraction here and you’ll definitely see/meet a lot of people.

4. Saint Mark’s Basilica
This is a historic landmark and it is one of the places everyone visits when they travel to Venice, but you’ll have to be at Saint Mark’s Basilica early if you want to beat the crowd.

5. The Rialto Bridge
The Ponte di Rialto which can be translated to mean the Rialto Bridge is the place you want to be if you want to get the best view of Venice because the view is simply breathtaking.

6. The Vaporetto
The Vaporetto is a water bus with the main purpose of taking travelers from one point to another, the best way to enjoy this experience is to ride the Vaporetto from the lagoon to the train station, you’ll definitely enjoy the experience.

Venice is a beautiful city and it’s one of the best ways to explore what Italy has to offer, you’ll meet hospitable people everywhere you go, and the best part is the view that this amazing city provides, welcome to Venice, you’ll finally know why it’s called the floating city. And remember wherever you go an whatever you book, make sure you check out https://mytech.reviews/recommended-recurring-billing-softwares/ before you do so. I find this site and their articles very useful to avoid getting scammed!